Correspondence (as in a similarity,  an analogy, an association);  an ongoing experience amongst the four of us…



{Chipped Nail Polish}_MG_3893


{Face Paint Princess} Week 27-5651

{Cute face}_MG_6337web

{Easter Morning}Easter-1

{Kids in the Living Room}blogwk4-1

{Two boys playing)


{In Uniform}



{A group of people (in b&w)}


 {My people in the frame (in b&w)}andrea-hw2-9

{At a restaurant}



{On the Water}


{On the Lake}sproat-89

{On the Lake #2}


{Free Spirit} sproat-40


{Her Unique Style}


{Pink flowers in Seattle with these lovely ladies}dsc_8550

{The light hitting part of the flowers, highlighting their natural beauty.}


{A natural beauty, inside and out}

{Getting beautified}


{Fly away hair}(iPhone)

{Enjoying time at the playground}