July and August Challenge


Ronne-Pierce-Frs900-IMG_7022      Ronne








 Wide Aperture

Ronne Pierce rs-7964     Ronne








Blocked Light

Ronne-Pierce-rs900-IMG_7998    Ronne















Ronne Pierce rs9 IMG_8461   Ronne



Ronne Pierce rs9-8134     Ronne










 Backlit Tree-Bokeh

Ronne-Pierce-rs900-IMG_7053    Ronne







 Get Low and Shoot Up:

Ronne Pierce rs-7988    Ronne

 Wide Angle







Ronne-Pierce-rs9-IMG_8743   Ronne


Rim Light








 Shoot Angled Down

Ronne Pierce rs-8531   Ronne











Ronne Pierce rs900 2-7315   Ronne


Ronne Pierce rs900-9308  Ronne

Foreground Elements

Ronne-Pierce-rs9-IMG_9323 Ronne


Interesting Distant Background

Ronne-Pierce-rs9IMG_8750   Ronne

 Narrow Aperture

 Leading Lines

Ronne-Pierce-rs9-IMG_8908  Ronne

 Literal Framing

 Natural Reflector



Negative Space


 Open Shade

Ronne Pierce rs900-9334  Ronne


Lens Compression


Bokeh Sandwich

Ronne Pierce rs9-8783   Ronne


Backlit Bokeh 


Small Area to Work With

Ronne-Pierce-rs900-IMG_9252  Ronne



Subtle Framing

Ronne-Pierce-rs9-2IMG_9551  Ronne



Shoot Top Down



Ronne Pierce rs-7433 Ronne
























April/May Challenge

April 1: Bokeh


Posted by Julie


April 2: A Dreaded Task


Posted by Julie


April 3: Paper


Lunch box love notes

Posted by Julie


April 4: Leading Lines




April 5: Joy




April 6: Triangle



Posted by Julie


April 7: Today


Posted by Julie


{Breakfast before going to the Big House}  Andrea 🙂


April 8: Sweet Tooth


{Easter treats} Andrea 🙂



April 9: A Keepsakeday97-1 

{My pictures are my keepsakes. This one in particular is so special as it represents a bond that has been growing ever so slowly.}   Andrea 🙂


April 10: Starts With P


Purple soccer uniforms    Posted by Julie

week8-4 {A purple crocus} Andrea 🙂


April 11: The Same










April 12: Three


April 13: What Inspires Me

Posted by Julie

April 14: A Self Portrait

Posted by Julie


April 15: I Made This


April 16: Soft

April 17: Negative Space

April 18: Fresh

April 19: 2:00 p.m.

April 20: Dots

April 21: My Camera

April 22: A Collection

April 23: Kindness

April 24: Sunday Morning

April 25: Shoes

Posted by Julie

ditl-april-47 Posted by Andrea

April 26: Free Choice

April 27: What I See

April 28: Technology

April 29: On the Floor

April 30: Still


May 1: The Horizon

May 2: Repetition

May 3:  Texture

May 4: Numbers

May 5: A Window

May 6: Comfy

May 7:  Free Choice

May 8: Mom


May 9: On My Table

May 10: Hidden

May 11: Love

May 12: Time

May 13: Green

May 14: Stripes

May 15: Fun

May 16: Season

May 17: Knot

May 18: My Favorite Time of Day

May 19: Bubbles

May 20: Macro

May 21: A Self Portrait

May 22: The Sky

May 23: My Morning

May 24: Sweet

May 25: An Arrow

May 26: My Passion

May 27: Old School

May 28: Top

May 29: Even

May 30: Sound

May 31: What I’m Looking At