Happiness is…

…jumping on a trampoline!



…and swinging on the swings!



Hurricane Irma

Shaw and friends came home to wait out Irma…









Irma left our roof damaged. Henry worked nonstop during the storm, so Shaw was doing the investigating, with help from Pop and his friend Chris.





We were much luckier than most in our area; we lost power for only one day. During the wait for power, the girls were cuddled up near the window, reading to pass the time.



Yes, STRONG girls do make a STRONG world! Lauren, you can do anything you desire to do!




We were soon close to this train!





Highlights from the second grade play, in which Lauren played the Farmer’s Wife. It was super cute and very well performed. The backdrop was amazing. I was in awe of how well the teachers prepared the kids for a show this big.


As part of her costume, Lauren needed a white apron, so I immediately texted Grandma Devanie to ask if she could possibly make one for us in a short time frame; she did even better:AWQ within a half hour, she replied with a picture of an apron that had been made by her great grandma in 1921. It was perfect! She sent it to Lauren, who wore it proudly for the play.


Pre Tween

Preteens have been nicknamed ‘Tweens,’ so I guess it is fitting to label this photo ‘Pre Tween.’ Do I love it that she looks so grown up in this picture? No, but times are very different from when I was eight years old. The temporary (emphasis on the word ‘temporary’) pink hair spray. The cell phone and ear buds. Whew, it’s tough to be a parent these days! Deep breaths, open communication, involvement, lots of hugs and kisses…I can do this.



Park Play

Lauren’s soccer team celebrated the end of the season at the soccer complex’s playground on a beautiful weekday evening in May. The sunlight was warm and cozy at this time of day…a photographer’s dream. Watching the kids interact in a relaxed, playful way, as opposed to the seriousness of games and practices, was a treat.