Our Families, Our Stories Part 2

condWe are collaboratively committing to capture the everyday lives of our families, to photograph things we don’t want to forget, to express our love for our families through our cameras. This is the second of hopefully many installments of “Our Families, Our Stories.” These images were created from November 20-30.


Pop’s garage has been a place where Shaw has listened to a lot of words of wisdom over the years, and when he was home from Stetson for a long weekend, this was no exception. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear what they talk about.



Her beautiful artwork adorned the entryway to Gramma and Pop’s house on Thanksgiving Day.


Lauren, you will never be this age again. You love your dolls. You love wearing anything costum-y. You love Tuesday evening gymnastics class. You fully love life. I hope you always will.



I believe in traditions. I have tried to live in such a way and raise my kids in such a way as to create traditions and to celebrate and revere our traditions. One special tradition for Thanksgiving is Gramma (my mom) cooking her mom’s stuffing. Shaw has been ‘breaking bread’ with her in preparation for the stuffing for many years.


Silly puppies. They follow us wherever we go in our home. They think they are four legged humans and have to know what we are doing at all times. On this particular afternoon, Lauren was decorating the front window for Thanksgiving, and the dogs were right there beside her, inspecting her every move.

-Much, much love from Mama (Julie)


Lucienne when I see you here holding your camera and looking up at me, it’s one of those moments that reminds me of how great the influence a parent has on their child. For now you want to be just like me, and it won’t always be this way. One day you will be your own person and those traits that are like me will either be the ones that bother you the most or that you embrace with love. I am down for the entire ride and will always see you as the child who made me want to be a better person. ❤


Nohl you are so lucky to have a Daddy that will get on every piece of playground equipment with you. May you two always share the playful gene and never outgrow the desire to run free. ❤


Lucienne you are so much like your Dad. Always trying to climb to the highest places. I can’t wait to see how high you climb in life.


Mathais you are so in love with your Daddy. You two share the most special of bonds and I know you will have his wicked sense of humor.


My family all together for one moment still ❤


He is so happy and proud to be a Dad and no one has ever done a better job ❤

We are so fortunate ❤


Nohl when you asked me for a picture of George Washington and told me it had to be on a dollar bill I would have emptied my bank account for you. Words cannot tell you how much love I have for you and I see the special qualities of your personality in ways I think only I can ❤


Baby girl you aren’t so babyish anymore but you still fit in the small spaces and as always you bring light wherever you go ❤

Love Momma Ronne


Middle Man and Little Man, I am so grateful that you have each other.  The two of you spend hours playing sports together. (The walls and doors of our basement are marked with the swipes of hockey sticks and pucks. So now you are stuck playing with mini sticks and soft balls.)  Although there is much competition and strong feelings between you, I know deep down that you love each a lot.


My sweet girl, you are so artistic and creative. Lately, you love watching  Youtube  “How To” videos so that you can make towns & objects for your Little Pet Shop toys. Tonight you were very busy making a Christmas toy slide for your beloved Hamster, Blossom.


O, this picture may not be very exciting but to me, it has so many elements of “you, aged 7” that I want to remember. You are still a very picky eater but you LOVE your bars and Cheerios (with no milk , of course.) You love watching mountain bike videos on your tablet.( In fact, you told me that you will one day ride in Redbull Rampage and play NHL hockey as well. Dream big, my boy.)  You are never without your T-Bird hockey hat. (I LOVE how your little ear is tipped down by your hat. It reminds me of my grandfather who had the same ears when he wore hats. So sweet!)  You only wear short shelve t-shirts right now (and your black Nike pants & sweatshirt. Every. Single. Day!)

fhweek2-7 Christmas is such a special time of year. Darling M, it is all still so magical for you and I hope that you BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas for all your days. Your sweet and innocent heart is just one the many things that make up the amazing you.

All my Love, Mama (Andrea)

_mg_0367-editDecember is truly the most magical time of the year and something I look forward to and dream of all year long!  Magic is everywhere in December and I love seeing this season through your eyes!  It is all beautiful and exciting!  My sweet girl, you are 8, and I think I always imagined that the magic would be over for you by now, but that could not be further from the truth.  I love how excited you are by our family traditions

_mg_0352Part of what I love about December, in particular, are all of the evenings spent by the fireplace, watching movies, cuddling and spending special time together in our home…

_mg_0591An unexpected visit from your bestie…and on a school night!!!  The two of you had so much fun “catching” snowflakes.  With all of the banging on the garage, I thought the house might fall down!  But even all of that noise could not compare to the sounds of your shrieks of laughter…

_mg_0451We try to fit in so many special outings during the holidays, but you have told me that of everything we do, the tradition of hot cocoa and cake at the Madonna Inn is your most favorite!  It’s a wonderful afternoon filled with love, laughter and sweet treats with the special ladies in our life.  I look forward to many more Christmas hot chocolate dates with you and your sister at this magical, completely over-the-top, gaudy, beautiful place!

_mg_0953More than the expectation of presents, what I hope the 2 of you remember most when you look back at the holidays, is the time spent making memories with the people we love.  These days are so fleeting and so special.  I hope you always spend December making time for what matters most…

Love you like crazy forever and always!  Mom


Our Families, Our Stories

We are collaboratively committing to capture the everyday lives of our families, to photograph things we don’t want to forget, to express our love for our families through our cameras. This is the first of hopefully many installments of “Our Families, Our Stories.” These images were created from November 12-19.


Lauren, you love playing with your neighborhood friends in the afternoons. Sometimes you ride bikes, sometimes you play Barbies on our front lawn, sometimes you run, giggle and dance. It is a joy for me to watch you through our kitchen window…to watch you simply being a carefree 7 year old.


Our Bailey-Girl is 12 and a half years old. She has always been a part of your life, Lauren, and as for you, Shaw, I doubt you really remember life before her; she has been a sweet constant for all of us. We all love when she chooses to lay near us, to keep us company.


My love, you do not travel lightly, and I have to admit that you get that from me! This photo represents a typical school morning for you, with your backpack bulging at the seams, your lunchbox in one hand and water bottle in the other, your purse layered across your body and your jacket draped over your arm. With all of these belongings, I think it is safe to say you are always prepared for whatever second grade has in store for you.


Daddy had been fighting buying a pair of reading glasses for quite awhile and finally gave in a couple weeks ago. On this particular night, you were working on a science assignment and asked him to help you find a magenta colored crayon, so he needed those glasses to see the tiny print on the crayon labels!  He took his job of crayon finder very seriously by ‘Googling’ magenta to see what shade he was searching for.

~ Julie


Darling girl, I am so aware that you are on the cusp of being a teenager when I see you like this.  You and your tablet are joined at the hip these days. Thankfully, you are usually watching Littlest Pet Shop craft videos. Then you spent hours designing and creating little building and structures for your LPS figures.


L, This is the last year of having you home every afternoon so I am trying to savour this moments.  You wanted to play Monopoly JR. with me this afternoon.  So we got out the game and set up the board. Then you plopped yourself down in my lap and we played. (You beat me, by the way!)


Little Man, You are almost 5 and slowly losing those sweet remnants  of  a preschooler. In many ways, you have grown up faster than your brother and sister, yet you will always be the baby of the family. (Oh boy, do you ever treasure that role sometimes. 😉 )  Today you went to a birthday party and you completely embraced the simple magic of the party… facing painting, songs, a story and cupcakes. It was a joy to watch you just being you.

 ~  Mama (Andrea)


You are our youngest son, our gift, the one who came along and completed our family. You have just learned to walk in the most bowlegged way and you are in love with moving. I spend too many days in this chair looking at your longing face and for that I am sorry. I promise to be here for you always and to show you everything I know. You will be among the best and the brightest and our family and the world are better for having you in it.


I’ve always got my eye on you. My heart, my middle son. No matter how many of us are in the room and how much chaos is going on around us, we have a bond that I am so privileged and grateful for.
“When you smile I am undone
My son
Look at my son. Pride is not the word I’m looking for
There is so much more inside me now….. you outshine the morning sun.
My son
When you smile, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart”


The fog of your baby years is thick and I honestly don’t know how you are 7,  our oldest child. The days where I get to make you your hot chocolate in your Noel cup are numbered and I don’t want to take one marshmallow minute for granted. I hope we are always as close as we are at this age. You are such a light in this world and the thought that I won’t see you everyday some day is more than I can take.

~ Momma (Ronne)

The introvert in me

Some days it feels hard to put yourself out there. To make personal and heartfelt work and to know that people you might never meet or see might see a glimpse into who you are and what you are about. But is it art if no one ever sees it?



Printing Blues

This is my first post to our blog. I love this group of talented women and I am so happy to be included here. I am on a learning journey with my photography and for the last two years I have relied on what my eyes are seeing to tell me if my photos are turning out the way I want them to. Two days ago I received my first set of prints of my most recent work and seeing them set me off down a bunny trail of what is real in the digital age.

None of my prints looked the way that I expected. And this was the first time that has ever happened as I have always printed.

This started a barrage of self-questioning. What changed? I know I calibrated recently! Why is everything so dark? Can I trust my own eyes? Is it the lab? Is it the monitor? Maybe their paper is different? Is my editing style too dark for print?  I asked a friend for advice and she was very helpful, having recently completed her own print experiment. I have since re-calibrated twice using the advice of a friend and the askdamien website. And still these prints are not even close to my intention. So I am now registering with other labs and testing more until I solve the mystery. And I am seriously considering a new monitor. This Dell is about 7 or 8 years old and I think it is beginning to fail me. I tend to edit dark and use a more creative approach and for me if it can’t be printed correctly then I am missing the point. So I don’t feel comfortable sharing many images here until I solve the disparity between what I see in PS, online, or on my screen and what comes out on paper.

I hope you all print and check your work on paper from time to time also. After all, everything saved digitally is only temporary really.

More to come from me when I feel like the colors in my world match again. ❤ Ronne