Last summer, we discovered a fantastic pizza restaurant, Flippers, in Orlando. So, a couple weeks ago when we revisited Orlando to go to the Crayola Experience and outlet mall shopping, we knew we would eat lunch at Flippers. My mouth was watering for a week in advance, that’s how amazing their food is. While in Flippers, I used only one lens, which is my new Lensbaby Velvet, which gives a cool blurred effect, and since it is really new to me,  these pictures were definitely taken with a learning curve.








Shaw was with us…this last picture is of his hands. He was sitting next to me, so to get his face I would have had to maneuver myself enough that probably would have embarrassed my family, so I took what I could get.





Park Play

Lauren’s soccer team celebrated the end of the season at the soccer complex’s playground on a beautiful weekday evening in May. The sunlight was warm and cozy at this time of day…a photographer’s dream. Watching the kids interact in a relaxed, playful way, as opposed to the seriousness of games and practices, was a treat.








Velvet 56

I splurged on a new lens to play with this summer. I have used it a handful of times…lots of experimentation, which means lots of throw away images. These, however, are definitely keepers. I love so much about them, most of all the deep, rich color tones. I’m also rather fond of the two handsome guys…_MG_5773web



Evening Light

 Understanding light is a critical element of photography. Admittedly, learning the ins and outs of light has NOT been easy for me; in fact, it has taken me years and years and years of trial and error and practice and study to finally grasp the bulk of it. I feel like I really turned a corner in regards to light in the past half year or so, and this has opened up a new world for me, photographically speaking.  I shot these photos back in April at  around 7:00 in the evening after a soccer practice, while walking from the field to the parking lot. Lauren had had her eye on this spot for several days because there was a turtle living there and each time we walked past, she checked to see if he was home/awake/showing himself. It’s difficult to put into words, but I just know that a year ago, I wouldn’t have had this success at the time of day these were taken. I think I like the learning part of photography as much as I enjoy the photo taking part of photography; luckily, I feel like I will never run out of things to learn and experiment with.








A New Light Source

After reading about ways to use outdoor light sources at nighttime, I took some practice shots using my van’s headlights. After settling on these two pictures, I can say that I do like the spotlight effect that the headlights provided. Lucky for me, Lauren is still almost always a willing subject/participant in my photography adventures!