Park Play

Lauren’s soccer team celebrated the end of the season at the soccer complex’s playground on a beautiful weekday evening in May. The sunlight was warm and cozy at this time of day…a photographer’s dream. Watching the kids interact in a relaxed, playful way, as opposed to the seriousness of games and practices, was a treat.








Velvet 56

I splurged on a new lens to play with this summer. I have used it a handful of times…lots of experimentation, which means lots of throw away images. These, however, are definitely keepers. I love so much about them, most of all the deep, rich color tones. I’m also rather fond of the two handsome guys…_MG_5773web



Evening Light

 Understanding light is a critical element of photography. Admittedly, learning the ins and outs of light has NOT been easy for me; in fact, it has taken me years and years and years of trial and error and practice and study to finally grasp the bulk of it. I feel like I really turned a corner in regards to light in the past half year or so, and this has opened up a new world for me, photographically speaking.  I shot these photos back in April at  around 7:00 in the evening after a soccer practice, while walking from the field to the parking lot. Lauren had had her eye on this spot for several days because there was a turtle living there and each time we walked past, she checked to see if he was home/awake/showing himself. It’s difficult to put into words, but I just know that a year ago, I wouldn’t have had this success at the time of day these were taken. I think I like the learning part of photography as much as I enjoy the photo taking part of photography; luckily, I feel like I will never run out of things to learn and experiment with.








A New Light Source

After reading about ways to use outdoor light sources at nighttime, I took some practice shots using my van’s headlights. After settling on these two pictures, I can say that I do like the spotlight effect that the headlights provided. Lucky for me, Lauren is still almost always a willing subject/participant in my photography adventures!


The Big Picture Part 2

Thank you, Andrea for sharing your fantastic images from Zalmy’s class. You have motivated me to do the same. My biggest ‘take-aways’ from this class are  1.) shooting with a wide angle but getting close and filling the frame with useful information,  2.) think in terms of a grammar lesson: the subjects in images are nouns and anything related to the subjects are adjectives,  3.) compose to the edges of the frame, and  4.) layer the subjects (This is super hard and for me, will require a lot of practice).





Prism Playing


To spice up my photography once in awhile, I am learning to play with a prism (see above) when I shoot. Using a prism can present a variety of unexpected effects in an image: color manipulation, reflection, multiple exposure, lighting distortion, etc. Lots of fun to play with!