Printing Blues

This is my first post to our blog. I love this group of talented women and I am so happy to be included here. I am on a learning journey with my photography and for the last two years I have relied on what my eyes are seeing to tell me if my photos are turning out the way I want them to. Two days ago I received my first set of prints of my most recent work and seeing them set me off down a bunny trail of what is real in the digital age.

None of my prints looked the way that I expected. And this was the first time that has ever happened as I have always printed.

This started a barrage of self-questioning. What changed? I know I calibrated recently! Why is everything so dark? Can I trust my own eyes? Is it the lab? Is it the monitor? Maybe their paper is different? Is my editing style too dark for print?  I asked a friend for advice and she was very helpful, having recently completed her own print experiment. I have since re-calibrated twice using the advice of a friend and the askdamien website. And still these prints are not even close to my intention. So I am now registering with other labs and testing more until I solve the mystery. And I am seriously considering a new monitor. This Dell is about 7 or 8 years old and I think it is beginning to fail me. I tend to edit dark and use a more creative approach and for me if it can’t be printed correctly then I am missing the point. So I don’t feel comfortable sharing many images here until I solve the disparity between what I see in PS, online, or on my screen and what comes out on paper.

I hope you all print and check your work on paper from time to time also. After all, everything saved digitally is only temporary really.

More to come from me when I feel like the colors in my world match again. ❤ Ronne


One thought on “Printing Blues

  1. lightandlenses4blog says:

    LOVE this first post, Ronne…such a valid point about printing frequently and doing whatever you have to do to get the prints to match your vision. Good luck during your experimenting process, and I cannot wait to see your images on this blog..I know they will be worth the wait. xoxo, Julie

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