Happiness is…

…jumping on a trampoline!



…and swinging on the swings!



Hurricane Irma

Shaw and friends came home to wait out Irma…









Irma left our roof damaged. Henry worked nonstop during the storm, so Shaw was doing the investigating, with help from Pop and his friend Chris.





We were much luckier than most in our area; we lost power for only one day. During the wait for power, the girls were cuddled up near the window, reading to pass the time.


Blindfolded Slime?

Apparently, it is a real thing…at least according to Youtube. Yesterday, Lauren asked me for a scarf, so I pointed her in the direction of our cold weather accessories basket and next thing I knew, she was wearing a ski hat. Keep in mind that we live in Florida, and it is July! I asked her why she was wearing the hat and she told me she was getting ready to make blindfolded slime, which she preceded to do…







Last summer, we discovered a fantastic pizza restaurant, Flippers, in Orlando. So, a couple weeks ago when we revisited Orlando to go to the Crayola Experience and outlet mall shopping, we knew we would eat lunch at Flippers. My mouth was watering for a week in advance, that’s how amazing their food is. While in Flippers, I used only one lens, which is my new Lensbaby Velvet, which gives a cool blurred effect, and since it is really new to me,  these pictures were definitely taken with a learning curve.








Shaw was with us…this last picture is of his hands. He was sitting next to me, so to get his face I would have had to maneuver myself enough that probably would have embarrassed my family, so I took what I could get.






Yes, STRONG girls do make a STRONG world! Lauren, you can do anything you desire to do!




We were soon close to this train!